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The RESPECT ALL movement is created by a nonpartisan group of concerned citizens who want to promote a 'respect all' culture for the greater good of all. This movement and the artwork is FREE TO ALL.


We are not selling anything, we are not marketing anything, we are not a religious group, we are not a political group - we are simply people trying to help improve the way we coexist with each other.   
In a country that thrives on capitalism, we believe the best way to affect change is to create a marketshare shift toward those businesses, schools and organizations that are publicly displaying their commitment to Respect All and that are making a public pledge to protect these core human values.


We do NOT sell, share, display or distribute any petitioner's or pledger's contact information, whatsoever.  


We are not an organization - we do not accept donations.


Pledge it, wear it, show it and share the movement to make a difference.  

It's just that simple.  

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