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What is the goal for the RESPECT ALL solution/movement?

The ultimate goal is to create a societal culture where all people feel safe and respected, and the economy thrives.  


This solution provides  a means for citizens to vote with their dollars and identify and support businesses who want to show all, they respect all.   And for businesses, organizations and schools who join the movement -- to provide a marketshare advantage.

Consumerism is powerful.   Marketshare shift = cultural shift.

What is this movement?

It is not just a movement, but a solution for all types of people to unify around the core values of mutual respect and to begin shifting market share to companies, businesses, schools and organizations that are signing the pledge and publicly displaying the symbol to show all that they respect all.  


This tool empowers consumers, which are made up of people from all walks of life and diversity, to inspire businesses, schools and organizations to begin publicly displaying an easily recognizable symbol showing their commitment to respect all.  


See here for more information:


How can I get involved and help the RESPECT ALL movement?

Sign the pledge to respect all, sign the petition asking businesses to join the movement, share the solution through your social media channels and ask others to do the same.   Begin displaying the Respect All icon on your social media messages, your email signature line and in your communications.   Ask all of the businesses you work with or support, to join the movement and solution.  Ask them to publicly display the free symbol to help them win marketshare.  


Who is invited to participate? 

This is designed for all individuals, businesses, schools and organizations who “value diversity and are committed to Respect All”. 


Also, this tool is created for any civil, social, religious, ethnic, minority, and environmental nonprofit organizations and their members, who believe in coexisting peacefully. This is an umbrella-like solution that each group can use to help leverage the like-minded voices of many, in order to create a culture of universal respect.  And in doing so, aiding their cause and their members -- while not deviating from, competing with or diluting any of their unique missions.   

How can I share this with my office manager or owner of company?

Ask the manager to look at the website, to sign the pledge and to begin displaying the Respect All symbol on their entrance(s), their employee uniforms, at the cash register, print on packaging, use on their website etc.  Explain that the benefits of a company creating an internal and external culture that respects all are far reaching.   


If employees or students are feeling that there is a lack of respect in a business, organization or school, it can affect their productivity levels and their confidence and their performance.  This can affect a business’s bottom-line.  There are many reasons why a business should want to join this movement for internal and marketshare reasons, in addition to doing the right thing.

Is this a political campaign?

No.  Absolutely not.  And we ask that this NOT  be used by any political party.  In appreciating diversity and inclusion, we do not want to leave anyone out of this solution. We embrace ALL people from ALL Parties who ““value diversity and are committed to Respect All”.

Who benefits from this movement?

People, businesses, organizations, schools, students, employees and all people that are part of the movement.   Society as a whole, is the benefactor --- if society is healthy, than the economy is healthy.

Who is behind RESPECT ALL?

The campaign was launched by a small grassroots group of people who want to bring about a better world and help bridge harmful and counter-productive divides.

Can I share this on social media?

Yes. We encourage you to share with our friends, family and colleagues on all forms of social media. Share through your personal and professional pages.


Can I add this logo to my email signature?

Yes.  You can download the logo here:

 or use the embedded code here:

Can I add this logo to my website to show my support?

Yes.  You can download the logo here:

 or use the embedded code here:

Can I use this logo on my Facebook page or Twitter as my profile image?

Yes.  Please feel free to use the logo as your profile picture and/or part of your banner on any of your social media pages. 

Can I have the logo for free and get it printed myself?

Yes.  It is all free and you can print using your favorite printer!

Can I use the logo and get my own t-shirts printed?


Can I alter the logo?

To some degree, yes.  However the primary elements and the intent of the logo should not be lost.

Can I make a donation to this movement?

No. We are not an organization and do not accept donations. We want every individual, business, school and organization to embrace this AS THEIR OWN and  share in the benefits.

Can I form a group of leaders supporting this movement at my school?

Yes.  We encourage schools, organizations and businesses to all form groups to utilize this movement to create a societal culture where all people feel safe and respected, and the economy thrives.

Who do I contact with additional questions?


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