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(10-Pack) of a 2.5" pin-on or tie-on "I Respect All" decals are made of tree free heavy duty paper made of rock. Each of the 2.5" round "I respect all" decal has two holes in it so that you can pin-on the decal to clothing, uniforms, backpacks, baseball caps --- or so that you can tie the decal on to a gift or a card or a bottle of wine.   (Pin or ribbon is not included.)


Proceeds of these orders go toward grants for nonprofit organizations that are focusing on minoritity related and environmental related solutions.

10 Pack - PIN ON or TIE ON "I Respect All" - 2.5" made of Stone Paper

SKU: 10pk-I-PIN-ON
  • These tie-on or pin-on decals are made of tree free paper.  Each of the 2.5" round "I respect all" decal has two holes in it so that you can use a safety pin to attach it to your shirt, backpack, baseball cap or uniform.  Or you can also use the holes in the decal to put a ribbon through it and tie it onto gifts by placing a ribbon through the holes and tying a ribbon with the decal and putting it on a gift back, gift box or bottle of wine.  

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